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Vinyl Flooring install and supply

Vinyl Flooring

High quality Vinyl flooring (PVC Flooring) for use in healthcare and commercial sectors.

Vinyl flooring is highly durable and attractive. It can last up to 20 years! We install vinyl floors or supply you with high quality PVC flooring material. Great for high traffic areas as PVC resists scratches and stains.

Vinyl Floors don't need underlay. It has a durable base layer that does that job.

We install vinyl floors that are exceptionally stable.

Click images below to see vinyl floor swatches and colours ...

Norma 43 vinyl flooring

Vinyl Floors as a fashion statement

Fast becoming a fashion statement, vinyl floors are being used for all types of properties and commercial developments.  With innovative, bold, and luxurious designs, PVC flooring has gained wide acceptance and is the primary choice for many consumers today.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Curated with synthetic PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), our Vinyl Floors come in two forms;

  1. tiles and
  2. sheet flooring

Vinyl floor tiles

Our beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing tiles come in a wide variety of choices.

Vinyl sheet flooring

Our vinyl sheet flooring is compressed and made into durable and flexible tiles to be used in both ways.

Vinyl flooring Uses in Malaysia

PVC floors are the appropriate choice for perforated fields as they are water resistant but they do need protection from direct sunlight. Vinyl, with its resilience and strength, is suitable for use in healthcare and commercial sectors. It's ideal for floor spaces with lots of foot traffic. It can also handle wear an tear from machinery, trolleys as it meets high weight-bearing load requirements.

Durable, water resistant, versatile and stain-resistant, PVC floors can also be used in residential homes.

Other areas that could benefit from the use of vinyl flooring include kitchens, basement areas, schools, laundry rooms and shopping malls.

Added features:

Requiring minimal maintenance, vinyl flooring offers customers a practical solution to their flooring needs. Its easy installation process is also a plus point.

Vinyl flooring that comes padded with several layers is comfortable to walk on and durable to touch. Rooms with vinyl flooring reduce noise, making them perfect choices for families with children and pets.

Get in touch with us, one of Malaysia’s leading vinyl flooring suppliers, to know what works best for you. Our Professional Surfaces agent will help you make the right decision.

    1. The variety of types of vinyl flooring include the following:

      Norma 43:    Check out our color library at Professional Surfaces website.

      Alexandria:      AX20050- AX20084

      Surfaces 10+:   2.0 homogeneous vinyl flooring

      Tarkett:              View the color library at  Professional Surfaces website.

      Gerflor:               Accord 300 High Performance vinyl Flooring

      Grabo Floor safety:    Ecosafe Anti slip tiles in a variety of 


                2. The different types of finish for vinyl flooring:

             - Vinyl no wax Finish: The lightest type of finish makes it widely used.
             - Urethane Finish: Easy to maintain and is a bit harder than the no-wax type.
             - Enhanced urethane finish: Stands straight against tensile strength which may be useful, in case of heavy traffic and, or pressured equipment.

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