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Gerfloor Accord 300 Floor covering

The Accord300 encompasses a range of high-performance, durable, and versatile vinyl flooring solutions for demanding applications, including commercial, industrial, and healthcare environments.

Accord 300 products offer a combination of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, with features such as slip resistance, ease of maintenance, and eco-friendly materials.

Accord 300 ex-stock Gerflor Vinyl Flooring

Accord 300 ex-stock colour



These vinyl floor coverings are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, while also providing a comfortable and safe environment for users. The aesthetic appeal of the Accord300 range, with its variety of colors, patterns, and designs will suit a myriad of different interior styles.

 ESPRIT 500 Catalog
ESPRIT 500 ex-stock colours

ESPRIT 500 ex-stock colours

 5032, 5045, 5004, 5053, 5056



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